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The engineering office "Finida Messtechnik" provides custom vibration measurement services and competent support in questions and tasks related to vibration measurement. The focus of my engineering services is the accomplishment of vibration measurements (such as experimental modal analysis, operational deflection shape analysis, etc.) and industrial, non-destructive vibro-acoustic quality testing as well as consulting & scouting in the field of vibration measurement technology and the measurement of dynamic movements.

Professional measurement of vibrations and dynamic movements by service

Finida Messtechnik is known for its efficient and customer-oriented vibration measurement services. For this purpose, innovative vibration measurement equipment is used for measurement services, which are based on conventional and optical measurement techniques in order to be able to meet all customer requirements. In this way, both single points as well as full field 3d-vibrations and movements can be measured. It doesn't matter whether you need to have a measurement datas of macroscopic (cm² to m²) or microscopic structures (MEMS structures in the size of µm² - mm²). Describe me your challenges today and I will show the feasable options to realize your project!

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