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Vibrations affect the durability, comfort and functional performance of products and processes. With adequate measuring technology and enough "manpower", vibration phenomena can be recorded and structural improvements can be derived from measurement data analysis. When your own resources or measuring equipment may not be sufficient to cope with the upcoming vibration measurements challenges.

In this case, I am happy to assist you as a competent service provider with the latest vibration measurement technology and expertise and help you to implement the desired measurement services as soon as possible. Efficient and customer-oriented vibration measurements services - paired with conventional and modern optical measurement technology (such as a single-point laser vibrometer, scanning laser vibrometer) - are my strengths.

Vibration measurement services overview

The following graphic gives you a basic impression of the offered vibration measurement services. Further details on the individual topics can be found below on this information page.

What makes us special?

  • Customer-oriented and professionally implemented vibration measurement services
  • Use of the latest measurement technology (e.g. optical laser scanning vibrometry and conventional accelerometers)
  • Efficient project processing
  • Direct communication channels

Detailed presentation of my vibration measurement services

How can I support you?

Features of vibrations measurement services

  • Contact or non-contact measurement techniques
  • Uniaxial (1d, out-of-plane or in-plane), triaxial (3d => out-of-plane AND in-plane vibration)
  • Single point and multi-point (full field measurments with up to 260.000 measurement points)
  • Stationary and transient vibration conditions
  • Object size from micro (µm²) to macro (m²)
  • Frequency range from 0 Hz up to 2,4 GHz
  • Working distance from 0 cm up to 300 m
  • Measurement in hazardous areas such as high voltage, explosion-protected, high temperatures, e.g.

Full field vibration measurement -
experimental modal analysis (EMA) and operational deflection shapes (ODS)

  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis
    • Of self-excited or externally excited systems
    • Identification of resonance frequencies and the associated operational deflection shapes
  • Experimantal Modal Analysis (EMA)
    • Excitation using an automated modal hammer or shaker
    • Acquisition of the transmission functions (FRF)
    • Extraction of the modal parameters (natural frequency, natural mode, modal damping) from the transfer functions
    • Export of data for further processing in CAE / FEM programs for model validation
  • What measurements are possible?
    • Object size: from micro (µm²) to macro (m²)
    • Frequency range: 0 Hz to 2.4 GHz
    • Working distance: 0 cm to 300 m
    • Even on hot (red glowing) structures
    • And on rotating objects

Determine resonance frequencies

  • Of self-excited or externally excited systems
  • Identification of resonance frequencies including the associated amplitudes and damping

Vibration measurement on rotating structures

  • Optical detection of torsional vibrations
  • Run-up measurements
  • Order analysis
  • Creation of start-up diagrams from existing measurement data
  • Drive-train testing on dynamometers (roller test benches)

Extreme dynamic movements with high-velocity

  • Ultrasonic vibrations
  • Opening and closing processes (e.g. valve train)
  • Contact bouncing
  • Determination of resonance frequencies
  • Detection of the maximum speed in short-term dynamic processes such as crash, impact and tension test
  • Checking specified properties such as maximum stroke (displacement) or maximum deflection and speed
  • Typical applications, e.g. valves, piezo injectors, parking brake, cylinders, pistons, tension testing, etc.
  • Acquisition in time or FFT domain

Functional tests

  • Precise recording of displacement over time / velocity over time / acceleration over time
  • Verification of specifications like maximum displacement/magnitude/deflection
  • For incoming Inspection of supplier parts
  • For outgoing inspection of own produced or processed products

Acoustic quality inspection in production

Rental of a laser vibrometers for contactless detection of vibrations and dynamic movements

In addition to renting, I can also provide trainings on using laser vibrometers to train users in practical use of laser vibrometer. This can take place either at your location or via an online meeting.

  • Single-point laser vibrometer
  • Fiber optic laser vibrometer
  • Scanning Laser Vibrometer (1d and 3d)
  • Rotation laser vibrometer
  • In-Plane Laser Vibrometer
  • Special laser vibrometer
  • Microscope laser vibrometer
  • Optional: Training and instruction in the correct operation of the corresponding laser vibrometer. On-site or (depending on the vibrometer type and distance) also online training

Example of measurement data: Modal analysis of an entire vehicle

My vibration measurement services support you in following topics ...

  • Structural dynamic design of parts and components
  • Vibration phenomena from the thematic complex Noise, Vibration, Harshness (short: NVH, translated: "Noise, Vibration, Roughness")
  • Acoustic optimization and sound design of exciting and stimulable structures
  • Validation of simulation models with experimentally obtained measurement data
  • Experimental determination of material parameters (e.g. damping)
  • Design and optimization of ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic tools
  • Maximizing the service life of rotating machines and systems with superimposed torsional vibrations (e.g. motor, gear, machine tools
  • Effective vibration damping by demonstrating the full field vibration (deflection shapes)
  • Reduction of wear and tear caused by vibrations
  • Evidence of specifications such as special vibration profiles with required displacement, velocity or acceleration

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